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    East Forged's Zero Proof Frozen Shandy

    East Forged's Zero Proof Frozen Shandy

    A Boozeless Frozen Shandy

    Our fearless feline, Saka, and her friends Notsu & Mico allow us to be nostalgic and fondly recall past memories 🐾 

    Playing around with this non-alcoholic drink certainly reminded me of my family. When we first moved to the warmer climate of central Queensland from the ACT keeping cool was the name of the game in Summer. I fondly recall many afternoons of Mum sipping on a shandy and my sister and I patiently waiting for something to happen in those Mr Frosty cups under the one shady tree of our backyard - you remember those days, right? 

    We were inspired by Warren Mendes from @deliciousaus who put together the frozen beer version! Our East Forged booze-free Frozen Shandy combines all these fun things into one icy refreshing glass. A grown up alcohol-free version of a classic drink. In this recipe we have used our White Tea & Calamansi  nitro brew but if truth be told this recipe can also work with our Black Tea & Yuzu

    Review of Flavour and Style 

    This zero-proof Frozen Shandy is perfect for those that prefer their drinks with a hint of sweetness.

    Because our East Forged brews do not contain sugar or artificial sweetener they provide the perfect base when creating your own drinks as they allow you to be completely in control of the level and type of sweetener you wish to use 😉  

    Your friends will think you're awesome if you serve up this non-alcoholic drink at your next weekend soiree. Topped only by fun-filled conversation, laughter and great tunes 🎶 👌

    [[ recipeID=recipe-8km5l9jsw, title=East Forged Frozen Shandy (Zero Proof) ]]

    If it helps you to see how I put our East Forged Frozen Slushie together take a look at our short "how to" video on YouTube!


    East Forged Frozen Shandy (Zero Proof)

    Servings: 1 non-alcoholic drink

    Keywords: White Tea, Lemonade, Calamansi

    • Prep Time: 5 mins
    • Cook Time: 0 mins
    • Total Time: 5 mins





    Prepare 1 Day Ahead

    1. Freeze White Tea and Calamansi into ice cube trays
    2. Freeze Lemonade into ice cube trays

    East Forged Frozen Shandy

    1. Blend an equal portion of the ice cubes in a food processor until a slushie forms
    2. Pour into a schooner glass (450ml)
    3. Top with a can of White Tea and Calamansi
    4. Garnish with a slice of lemon