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    We take our inspo from the culinary world and the flavour tensions at play in cocktail mixology. The chef creates a dining experience. A cocktail mixologist creates a delicious drink composition. We create an elevated tea drink that uses the following elements

    1.  Visual
    2. Aroma & Taste (flavour)
    3. Texture
    4. Finish

    Diving deeper into each of the components is important, as flavour alone is not enough to make a great drink. The experience of the East Forged drink was always front and centre of every decision we made. Here we break down what is important for a drink to match the event or occasion.

    How to select the best tea for drinks 

    The flavour includes aroma and taste and it is our starting point. We considered the elements of flavour to be sweet, sour, bitter, spice. Tea is a conscious choice because as tea specialists, we want to elevate the tea experience. The tea plant, Camellia Sinensis, is a plant-based power ingredient. It has incredible depth and a wide range of flavour profiles. An ancient ingredient that is in most household’s pantry cupboard. The drink of comfort when welcoming a guest or enjoying some solitude. Tea is the “hero” of our drinks.

    The tea selection is through a tedious process of professional cupping. We work with the tea farmers and understand their impact on the flavour of the infused leaf. A chef understands how the ingredient changes during preparation. A tea brewer understands how the tea leaf will change with different extractions. A tea blender, like the mixologist, understands how an ingredient like tea with elements of tension can create an experience.

    We wanted to showcase three beautiful examples of teas that we have found during our tea journey. A white tea from the home of tea - China. A green tea that has a unique production like Sake but without the alcohol. A black tea from the first areas to grow tea in Australia - Far North Queensland.

    How to use fruit to accentuate and compliment the tea flavour

    Tea has a multidimensional flavour profile. We searched for fruit that would provide the accents needed for the drinks. We found the Asian fruits, Yuzu, Calamansi and Pitaya have multidimensional flavours. It is impossible to describe their aromas or tastes with one word. They complimented the teas well. A black tea with sweet ripe fruit taste and the aroma of sweet tropical rain. Is well matched with a citrus fruit that is like a mix of grapefruit and mandarin. Achieving Gold Medal recognition in London, UK. The sourness of the green tea with the sweet earthiness of red pitaya (dragonfruit),

    Cold brew tea vs Ice tea

    Why cold brew tea? Tea is the hero and forward flavour of East Forged drinks. It needs to present itself well or as they say “put your best foot forward"

    Commercial “Ice Tea” is a tea concentrate (or extract) and water. The tea concentrate is usually a fast vacuum heated process. It is like brewing your tea in extreme high temperatures in a vacuum cleaner. As a result the tea concentrate can be bitter and very astringent. This is the main reason sugar or sweeteners are in “Ice Teas”. Another comparison, reconstituted juices compared to cold pressed juices or fresh juices. Cold brewing tea is a slow and gentle minimal intervention process. The leaf tea infuses for 12 hours in cold water. Cold brewing extracts natural flavours from the tea. Without the astringency or bitterness of a heated tea extraction. For the more caffeine sensitive the levels are lower than a hot extraction of the same tea.

    What is nitro cold brew 

    In the culinary world, texture of food can be the crunch of apple or lettuce paired with the softness of tomatoes or pea puree. Cocktail drinks offer the fruit, olive or sugar/salt rim on the glass as well as the alcohol. Alcohol provides the sticky texture and assists in carrying the flavour. Sugar and alcohol are great flavour carriers and East Forged has neither ingredient.

    We needed to find that special ingredient to carry the flavour and provide texture. That element that elevates the East Forged experience better than a regular Ice Tea. Bubbles became our carrier of aroma and texture. We use light carbonation and nitrogen to help create the texture. Effervescence and silky smooth bubbles with a micro foam. Shaking the drink before opening creates a nitrogen micro foam and visual experience. The balance is important as carbonation can override the hero flavours of tea. Nitrogen doesn’t add flavour. It adds the texture and fun. It is the best for the silky smooth bubbles and a perception of sweetness. If you have experienced a poorly made flat white coffee to a well-made flat white coffee. It is the silky texture of the milk that creates the sweetness and smoothness. Leaving you with a great experience.

    How to drink nitrogen infused cold brewed tea

    This is when the fun kicks in and it is up to you or the bartenders to Shake, PSSSSCH and Pour. You will only need to shake for 2-3 secs then slowly open the can and pour straight down into the glass. We created the drink, we will keep the shakin videos going but the finished product is in your hands. Have fun and send us your shaken videos!