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    Why tea and tea pets?

    We are wondrous, connected and independent global citizens trying to make a positive impact in the world. If our tea pets and drinks make you smile, put a twinkle in your eyes and a spring in your step then our work is done!

    Man standing outside Chinese tea shop       Two men drinking tea      A pig, cat and monkey greeting each other 

    Tea – a plant-based power ingredient

    As tea specialists we created a drink that shows the true and authentic flavours of the tea plant.  By putting our spin on the original cold brewed tea we are giving drinkers everywhere a new way to enjoy leaf tea. The tea plant is our core ingredient and offers unlimited flavour options. It is the quintessential ingredient for a flavour explorer and one of the world's oldest superfoods.  Tea has caffeine but it works differently to caffeine in coffee.  Tea is the natural source for the animo acid, L-theanine (not found in herbal teas).  L-theanine slows the release of caffeine and gives a gentle relaxed lift out of that afternoon slump!

    New ideas for cold tea drinkers

    We are curious women and we started our East Forged journey with a simple question.

    Why have there been so few disruptions to the cold tea drinks market?

    And that led to more questions………

    1. Why are cold tea drinks full of sugar or sweeteners?
    2. Why use fruits that swamp the true flavour of tea?
    3. Why is hot tea a healthy beverage and cold tea an unhealthy option similar to soft drinks?
    4. Maybe cold tea are usually reconstituted powders and extracts while hot tea is leaf tea?
    5. Australia is a multicultural country, why don’t we tap into some of the beautiful Asian fruits arriving on our shores and slowly being cultivated throughout Australia?
    6. What more can we do to shine a spotlight on tea as an amazing ingredient?

    Motivated to make tea the delicious healthy hero of cold drinks like it should be, we thought about all the elements needed for a perfect and complete drinking experience. When we scanned the market, what we wanted to create, did not yet exist.

    We’ve connected ideas from the tea and craft beer industry. The result was an elevation of our East Forged nitro tea brews into the non-alcoholic drinks category. We are giving tea an opportunity to find new drinking occasions. Lift you after a workout or staying power when out dancing with friends.

     Pig, Cat and Monkey playing in the kitchen slow brewing tea

    Less stress and drink tea

    We are aware of how many health messages exist these days.  In the tea world of small teapot brewing, many enthusiasts will have a tea pet on the table.  Often the first infusion and last drops of the tea is poured over the clay pets.  There are many reasons, some people say the pet saves wasting the tea infusion, other people say it is a friend while you drink tea or it is for good luck. We think it is a bit of fun and helps to refocus on the moment.  That is why we created our tea pets for you and they have symbolic meaning to us.  Kym is a monkey in the Asian horoscope and her first tea pet was a cat.  Both Tania and Kym have children that are pigs. Through our tea pets Mico (Monkey), Notsu (Pig) and Saka (Cat) our message is don’t stress, we are all lovable, imperfect and a little flawed. Stay wondrous, live connected and forge an independent life. 

    We’ll continue to do the ground work and deliver healthy, tasty and refreshing drinks! Now all that's left is to shake, pssssch and POUR!

    Monkey, cat, pig and a man drinking cold brew tea