Taste Pack | 3 flavours

Now you can try the flavours of East Forged Non Alcoholic Brews, infused with nitrogen and lightly effervescent to decide your favourite with our Taste Pack. It includes one can of each flavour - total of 3 cans.

  1. Australian Black Tea & Yuzu - Ripe fruit, touch of citrus and nitrogen foam 🐵
  2. Post Fermented Green Tea & Pitaya - Lightly sour & sweet & pink and nitrogen foam 🐷
  3. White Tea & Calamansi - Fresh white flowers and touch of sweet citrus and nitrogen foam 😼

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Tasting notes Black Tea: Black tea and light citrus hints, dry, low acidity, light body, medium flavour of black tea and yuzu, creamy froth with light carbonation and fresh citrus finish

Ingredients: Water, Australian black tea, yuzu juice, potassium sorbate

Review:  This nitro tea has a strong brewed black tea start with hints of citrus that slowly open up and lead to yuzu juice.  It is fresh, easy to drink, and integrates well the tea base and fruit.

 7.5kj | 1.8 calories | 0.3g sugar per 250ml serve

Tasting notes Green Tea: Pungent aromas of overripe tropical fruits with dried flowers. Dry, low acidity, light body, overripe tropical fruits with dried flowers and sour green tea finish

Ingredients: Water, post-fermented green tea, pitaya juice, potassium sorbate

Review:  Reminiscent of a bretty tropical sour craft beer with good creamy texture froth and not overly carbonated.  Bretty characters in this nitro tea did dissipate becoming more floral and fruit forward making it a solid option in this range of non alcoholic drinks or aperitif.

17.5kj | 4.1 calories | 0.3g sugar per 250ml serve

Tasting notes White Tea: Intense aromas – elegant and fresh, fresh white flowers and some citrus, cucumber. Dry, low acidity, light body. Fresh cut floral notes and some ripe citrus & citrus skins.  A touch of spice like fresh ginger & cucumber. Good finish.

Ingredients: Water, white tea, calamansi juice, potassium sorbate

Review:  Elegant and balanced combination of white tea and citrus notes are found in this non alcoholic nitro tea.  It is fresh, easy to drink, and has some complexity given the spicy character.

12.5kj | 3 calories | 0.3g sugar per 250ml serve

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