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Blackberry and East Forged White Tea Smash

Blackberry and White Tea Smash Non-Alcoholic Cocktail

A Boozeless Summer Drink Recipe  

Whilst our East Forged cold brews make a perfect non-alcoholic drink on their own, just like our cheeky monkey Mico 🐒, we get curious about what else is possible.

Fortunately for us along came the lovely Nat from The Mindful Mocktail with some inspiration. Nat creates mocktails from simple, accessible and health conscious ingredients. Leaving you with one impressive glass in your hand and a sense of inclusion in any social situation. Thanks again Nat for creating this recipe for us to share 😻

The Blackberry and White Tea Smash uses our East Forged White Tea & Calamansi. We couldn't be more pleased with this choice as the base in her non-alcoholic cocktail.

Review of flavours and style

The hay notes and tea polyphenols (often referred to as tannin*) in the nitro-infused cold brew white tea provide the grip to create perfect length.

Add to this the highly aromatic Calamansi fruit that lifts and creates a zesty citrus flavour. The origins and uses for this fruit are best told by those from Phillipines, read more here.

The flavour combines perfectly with the muddled blackberries, lemon and mint. It has flavour, texture and a colour that makes you smile. What more could you ask for in a boozeless drink?!

We think you will love this non-alcoholic cocktail if your are after a bright, colourful & refreshing drink on warm afternoons! Grab a picnic rug, a can of East Forged White Tea & Calamansi and get muddling 🥄

[[ recipeID=recipe-8klbtdied, title=Blackberry and White Tea Smash ]]

If you are partial to video feel free to switch over to YouTube to see this Blackberry & White Tea Smash come together. 

(* tea leaves contain very few tannins compared with the main polyphenol compound in tea leaves called catechins (or pseudo tannins). As always with tea the measurement of catechins and other polyphenols compounds such as flavanols and flavanoids linked to astringency exist in various levels depending on each individual teas cultivar, micro-climate and processing.) 

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