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a new era of tea

The culture of tea is thousands of years old. That's because its naturally occurring l-theanine, antioxidants and gentle caffeine content make tea both fragrant and invigorating.

This collecton of sparkling nitro-infused cold brew teas is perfect for any occasion.

created by tea specialists

Made in australia - 0% ALCOHOL

Cold brewed, crafted & canned in a independent craft brewery. No alcohol is produced during our processes.


We are involved from tea bush to tea drink. Sourcing tea from Queensland, Victoria and beyond.

Unsweetened & Low Calories

2- 25 calories per 250ml can. Natural ingredients. NO sugar, sweeteners, flavourings or colours are used.

shake, pssssch, pour

How to get your pour just right! Watch some EF drinkers showing their style of pouring


Tania & Kym were inspired to Elevate teatime for new social occasions

For thousands of years, tea has been the beverage that is shared with family and friends. Our cold brew teas were created with a deep love for the world's most popular beverage behind water.

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