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Why is ice tea sugary, unhealthy and no tea flavour?

Tea Specialists, Kym and Tania share a conversation over a common pain - ice tea. The journey of East Forged begins. A craft nitro tea drink that shows there is more to social drinking than alcohol. Refreshing and naturally uplifting. Tea mixology blends, no added sweeteners, alcohol free and the wellness of tea. The taste of tea not sugar. Dry not sweet


Our beautiful tea leaves are sourced from reputable tea farmers that have organic certifications such as USDA, JAS or grown without herbicides and pesticides.


We are involved from tea bush to tea drink. We are fully compilate with Container Deposit Scheme in the relevant states. Employing constant improvement practises.


Recognised internationally, our tea drinks have won a swag of gold and silver medals in the UK Spirit & Drinks Business Low/No Masters 2021 & Blind Tasting 2020

Made in australia

Our tea drinks are cold brewed, crafted & canned in a Sydney based independent craft brewery

plant based L-theanine

An amino acid found almost exclusively in Camellia Sinensis tea. It promotes relaxation & calmness but not sleepiness. A wakeful or active relaxation.


No sugar or sweeteners, artificial flavours or artificial colours added

Cold brew process

Slow & gentle minimal intervention to bring out the true flavours of the tea leaf. Lower caffeine levels with less than half a cup of espresso per 250ml

Ultra low calories

Black tea & yuzu - 1.8 calories per 250ml

White tea & calamansi - 3 calories per 250ml

Green tea & pitaya - 4.1 calories per 250ml

alcohol free

Our brewing processes doesn't produce any traces of alcohol. We are 0% ABV

shake, pssssch, pour

How to get your pour just right! Watch some EF drinkers showing their style of pouring


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