Nitrogen Infused Sparkling Tea


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That moment when you realise you’re capable of so much more than you thought… Consume mindfully, to feel good from the inside out.  We opt for a brew that’s naturally caffeinated, free of added sugar, and always refreshing because no one likes to feel weighed down.

Australian Black Tea & Yuzu

Grown in the rich soil of FNQ, free of pesticides and herbicides, our black tea is carefully cold-brewed to perfection without the astringency of lesser brews.  Balanced with Yuzu – or for our friends in Korea, Yuja – this aromatic fruit is the ultimate citrus hit, with a bust of flora that takes you back to nature with every sip 🐵

Post Fermented Green Tea & Pitaya

Named Yamabuki Nadeshiko, the process for this speciality green tea shares many of the same techniques used in sake production.  With the gut-loving goodness of fermentation but without the funk of kombucha, this post-heated fermented tea is sourced from the Shizuoka Prefecture in Japan.  Carefully complemented with pitaya,commonly known as dragon fruit, this one’s a fresh and fruity brew that is so much more than your average iced tea 🐷

White Tea & Calamansi

For those partial to the sour power of kumquat, calamansi is a mild, yet wild citrus-hybrid native to the Philippines.  Similar to Sweet mandarin, the zest and tang of calamansi is perfectly paired with our organic white tea from China’s Fujian Province.  Grown with minimal intervention from machines or human hands, this delicate white leaf is dried indoors to preserve its natural shape and enhance a full-mouth flavour that leaves a lingerng juiciness 😼

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