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    White Tea & Calamansi


    Fruity, intense citrus and light nitrogen brew

    Tasting notes: Intense aromas – elegant and fresh, fresh white flowers and some citrus, cucumber. Dry, low acidity, light body. Fresh cut floral notes and some ripe citrus & citrus skins.  A touch of spice like fresh ginger & cucumber. Good finish.

    Ingredients: Lightly carbonated 12hr cold brewed white tea, natural calamansi juice, potassium sorbate, nitrogen

    Alcohol free, no added sugar or sweetener, no artificial flavours, and no artificial colours

    Review:  Elegant and balanced combination of white tea and citrus notes are found in this non alcoholic nitro tea.  It is fresh, easy to drink, and has some complexity given the spicy character.

    15 carton or 6 pack * 250ml cans | 12.5kj | 3 calories | 0.3g sugar per 250ml serve


    For those partial to the sour power of kumquat, calamansi is a mild, yet wild citrus-hybrid native to the Philippines.  Similar to sweet mandarin, the zest and tang of calamansi is perfectly paired with our organic white tea from China’s Fujian Province.  Our white tea is grown with minimal intervention from machines or human hands, this delicate white leaf is dried indoors to preserve its natural shape and enhance an elegant flavour that leaves a lingering juiciness in this alcohol free brew 😼

    White tea (botanical name: Camellia Sinensis)

    White tea is the least processed of all the tea families – white, green, oolong, and black.  It is picked and dried over many hours either indoors or shaded outdoors.  The tea leaves do not go through the same rigorous processing of the other tea families.  It is handled very carefully during turning to ensure consistent drying and minimal intervention. White tea is a well regarded healthy drink in cold brews.  Tea starts with the same plant and the different processing technique is the main contributor to the end resulting tea – white, green, oolong or black. 

     Calamansi belongs to the same family as Kumquat or Cumquat (botanical name: x Citrofortunella macrocarpa)

    Also known as Calamondin or Philippine lime, it is native to the Philippines and found everywhere is Filipino cuisine.  Though it is not lime, it is actually a cross between another species of citrus and the Kumquat.  The flavour is like a sour orange or sweeter lime and a fragrance that is replicated to the nose.  Though they ripen to orange, they’re usually picked while they are still green and the flesh is bright orange. Calamansi adds an intense fragrance twist to our East Forged range of non alcoholic drinks.

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