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Cold Brew Tea - the East Forged Way

We do tea differently

After working in the world of Tea for almost a decade now, we know how good quality tea tastes. Let's not forget the benefits for gut health, mental health and well being - source Tea Advisory Panel. It doesn't get much better than socialising with a cold tea that is brewed, crafted and ready to pour. Be safe in the knowledge of no hangover, drinking tasty, healthy and relaxing!       

Two men drinking tea


Cold brewing tea is a waiting game. Very easy to do but you have to remember to put it in the fridge 8-12 hours before you want to drink it! No need to make it at home. We cold brew whole leaf tea for 12hrs for you.

Often iced tea is more about the added fruit concentrate than the tea extract used. Leaving the drink unbalanced with high levels of sweetness. We use a touch of fruit juice to build and balance the flavours of the cold brew tea. Each element of taste is important; sweet, bitter, sour, salty, umami and astringency.

A social drink is a sippable beverage. To enjoy with friends and not leave you bloated after a session. Softdrinks are not a sessional drink and don't leave you feeling like part of the crowd. We create our cold brew tea using craft beer processes. The cold brew tea is lightly carbonated for effervescence in your glass. A nitrogen foam builds after a light shake, pssssch and pour. Adding a silky smooth texture with every sip.

It has to look good too! Besides the aroma, texture and finish, we drink with our eyes. Visual is important and East Forged has the appearance of a social drink. No one will guess that you are drinking a non-alcoholic drink.  

Pig, Cat and Monkey playing in the kitchen slow brewing tea

Serving suggestions:

East Forged is a dry not sweet tea. We say, you can always add sugar but not take it away. Add a little bit of sugar syrup to suit those sweet lovers!

East Forged White Tea - paired with Calamansi for a bright citrus note with the hay/straw notes of the white tea. Best served in champagne flutes with strawberries. It is the perfect celebration champagne alternative.

East Forged Green Tea - an Australian grown green paired with sweet earthy pitaya or red dragonfruit. Best served in a pot glass. Reminiscent of sour beer.

East Forged Black Tea - paired with yuzu for a modern twist on the classic black tea and lemon. Why not swap out the cola in a Long Island Iced Tea? Serve is a tall highball glass with a sprig of mint.

Monkey, cat, pig and a man drinking cold brew tea

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