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    Australian Black Tea & Yuzu


    Ripe Fruit, Refreshing Citrus and Creamy Nitrogen Brew

    Tasting notes Black Tea: Black tea and light citrus hints, dry, low acidity, light body, medium flavour of black tea and yuzu, creamy froth with light carbonation and fresh citrus finish

    Ingredients: lightly carbonated 12hr cold brewed Australian black tea, natural yuzu juice, potassium sorbate, nitrogen

    Alcohol free, no added sugar or sweetener, no artificial flavours, and no artificial colours

    Review:  This nitro tea has a strong brewed black tea start with hints of citrus that slowly open up and lead to yuzu juice.  It is fresh, easy to drink, and integrates well the tea base and fruit.

     15 carton or 6 pack * 250ml cans | 7.5kj | 1.8 calories | 0.3g sugar per 250ml serve

    Grown in the rich soil of Far North Queensland, free of pesticides and herbicides, our Australian black tea is carefully cold brewed to perfection without the astringency of lesser brews.  Balanced with Yuzu – or for our friends in Korea, Yuja – this aromatic fruit is the ultimate citrus hit, with a burst of ripe fruit that takes you back to nature with every sip of this cleverly brewed alcohol free drink 🐵

    Black Tea (botanical name: Camellia Sinensis)

    Leaf tea starts with the same plant and the different processing techniques contribute to the end resulting tea type – white, green, oolong, or black.  Black tea is created through the various processing technique and skills of the tea farmer.  There are hundreds of different types of black tea depending on the cultivar or variety, terroir, and style of processing.  Around 90% of Australian Black tea has been growing in northern Australia since the late 1880’s with plants from Sri Lanka.

    Yuzu or Yuja in Korea (botanical name: Citrus Junos) is a citrus fruit that is said to have originated in Central China.  It is an odd lemon-like fruit with a lot of seeds and is prickly to pick, has a difficult flavour to describe.  At best it is tart like a grapefruit with mandarin overtones.  Yuzu is widely used in Japan and Korea as a sauce, marmalade, preserve, or vinegar.  It is not usually eaten as a fruit.  Yuzu farms can be found in Australia, however, the fruit is usually presold to restaurants and rarely available for sale.


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