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    Low & No Masters Award Winning Collection


    Sample our award winning flavours!

    We have packaged our award winning East Forged nitro-infused cold brewed teas into the perfect non-alcoholic drinks pack for you to enjoy. 

    Judges notes Black Tea: The initial nose is a pleasant black tea. It smells of freshly brewed tea leaves with very citrusy fruits, lime, lemon. The flavour of the tea is very pleasant and it is balanced perfectly with the citrus. 

    Judges notes White Tea:  I can pick out a delicate tea aroma that is quite comforting. Hint of citrus fruit with this too. On the palate the main aroma is tea, light citrus fruit

    Black Tea & Yuzu Ingredients: lightly carbonated 12hr cold brewed Australian black tea, natural yuzu juice, potassium sorbate, nitrogen - 250ml cans | 7.5kj | 1.8 calories | 0.3g sugar per 250ml serve

    White Tea & Calamansi Ingredients: lightly carbonated 12hr cold brewed white tea, natural calamansi juice, potassium sorbate, nitrogen - 250ml cans | 12.5kj | 3.1 calories | 0.3g sugar per 250ml serve

    Alcohol-free, no added sugar or sweetener, no artificial flavours, and no artificial colours

    Pouring nitro tea into a glass


    The Spirits Business is a dedicated international spirits magazine and website with a portfolio that includes Spirits Masters series, The Wine & Spirits Show, and brand-sponsored cocktail competitions.

    The Low & No-Alcohol Masters is a new addition to the international blind-tasting competition to celebrate the best low-ABV (alcohol by volume) and no-alcohol drinks entering the market.

    Each entrant was judged anonymously by an expert panel of spirits professionals with the best products awarded Silver, Gold, and Master medals. Products were judged on appearance, aroma, palate, and overall balance. East Forged submitted their entries into the non-alcoholic apéritifs category.

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