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    Frequently Asked Questions

    The company formed when Tania Stacey of Cuppa Cha (Vic) and Kym Cooper of The Steepery Tea Co (Qld) wanted to enhance the everyday experience of tea, find new occasions for tea drinkers and reimagine how it can be served and enjoyed.  While still being the healthy beverage it should be.  groups.

    We value quality ingredients that are expertly grown and thoughtfully sourced. For us, the tea is always the hero and cold brewing is the way we showcase all the nuanced flavours the leaf has to offer. We love to source local when possible – our black tea is grown in far North Queensland near Wooroonooran National Park, and we flavour our beverages with real fruit – never added sugar.

    We’ve also put a lot of time and consideration into our packaging – a slimline aluminum can – which makes our brews convenient for the consumer, with minimal impact on the planet. Also adds to the fun of shaking the can before the hard pour!

    Our founders are based in Melbourne and Brisbane and our product is currently produced in partnership with a craft brewery in Sydney. East Forged is created, manufactured and forged on the east coast of Australia.

    We’ve spent a lot of travelling, studying, and sampling tea from producers of the world’s best tea growing regions. It’s important to us that we work closely with our farmers and producers to maintain quality, consistency of product, and to ensure our partner engagement is as transparent as possible. Engaging with the tea at the beginning of its journey enhances our appreciation for it, and inspires us to create an end product that aptly captures the flavours created in the hands of the farmers and their workers.

    Our beverages include naturally occurring sugars from the fruits but do not contain any added sugars. Results from the nutritional analysis show very low (less than) <0.1g per 100ml for all 3 options.  Black tea & Yuzu is less than 2 calories and the highest is Post-fermented Green tea & Pitaya with 4 calories

    Our East Forged Non Alcoholic Brews contain the natural goodness of quality tea leaves that have been cold brewed over a long extraction. Our teas are produced from the Camellia Sinensis plant that naturally contains caffeine. Each can of our Black Tea & Yuzu and White Tea & Calamansi contains 27.5 mg of caffeine. Our Post Fermented Green Tea & Pitaya contains 32.5 mg of caffeine per can. The caffeine levels of our brews is low. They may contain half the caffeine of a 30ml espresso and less than half of some energy drinks they still provide a gentle clean energy lift in your day!

    We’ve also put a lot of time and consideration into our packaging – a slimline aluminium can – which makes our brews convenient for the consumer, with minimal impact on the planet.

    Nitrogen has been used in the Wine and Beer Industry for a long time. Have you heard of Guinness Beer? Nitrogen creates a perceived smoothness as opposed to the lemony character of CO2 which is used to create the frizz in beverages. The nitrogen bubbles are smaller and less soluble than CO2. When a nitrogen drink is dispensed either via a Stout tap, widget or dosing in cans, a creamy head is created as the very fine bubbles rise from the force of the dispensing method. We looked for an ingredient to add texture and not interfere with the natural flavour of tea. Read more here.