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Tea Pets hidden in Lunar New Year decorations

🧧East Forged for Lunar New Year 🧧

It’s that time of year to usher in the Lunar New Year. A time for good-humoured banter about our character traits and how closely we resemble our Zodiac animals. Also, the time for indulgent Asian banquets washed down with one of our nitro-infused cold brewed teas (more on that later)! 

The Chinese Zodiac is based on a 12-year cycle. Each year is represented by one of the 12 zodiac animals and their reputed characteristics. The Zodiac animal that corresponds with your birth year is said to give insight into the strength and flaws of our personalities.

Whether you are a closet astrologer or find horoscopes a little bit of fun you may be intrigued to know that our tea pets personalities stem from the lunisolar calendar. It was our way to acknowledge the origins and long history of tea.

Tea pets provide the tea drinker good luck and remind us of enjoyable tea experiences. Next time you reach for a can of East Forged think about the tea ritual. Shake, pssssch and pour - showering you with positive vibes and a reminder of good times shared.   

What zodiac animal hides in your Heart?

Monkeys, Pigs and Cats (or Rabbits)…Oh My!

For the observant, our East Forged tea pets; Mico, Notsu and Saka represent a ¼ of the animals depicted in the Chinese Zodiac. Ok, Saka our proud feline just slips in as a recognised zodiac by the Vietnamese replacing the rabbit.

When choosing the East Forged brew for you why don’t you mix it up and choose the zodiac animal that most reflects you. Honestly, our non-alcoholic tea brews are all good so you have nothing to lose!

Stay wonderous. Black Tea & Yuzu

Mico our cheeky little Monkey is the eternal optimist. He is curious, smart and sharp. But can be egotistical and snobbish. A symbol of a long life. 

East Forged MICO tea pet

Live connected. Green Tea & Pitaya (Dragonfruit)

Notsu our friendly and compassionate pig. Always leads with kindness that knows no boundaries. Can be a little lazy. A symbol of honesty and generosity. 


East Forged NOTSU tea pet


Forge an independent life. White Tea & Calamansi (Kumquat) 

Saka our furry feline is highly sensitive and very bright. Always evaluating her surrounds. She can also be stubborn, superficial and self-indulgent. A symbol of wealth.

East Forged SAKA tea pet


Alcohol Free Beverages for the Lunar New Year Celebrations

A chilled East Forged tea brew makes for a fashionable non-alcoholic tipple to pair with all of Lunar New Year’s culinary delights. The flavours of our teas are perfect pairings with Asian food and they also are great palate cleansers between dishes. Grab a selection of our award-winning brews for your celebration today! 

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