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people playing chess and drinking East Forged tea

A new, unique drink for tea enthusiasts and sober socialites

Experience something new with our range of cold-brewed nitro tea that looks like beer, with refined tastes crafted by our tea specialists.

two women enjoying East Forged tea in a garden

We're Celebrating International Tea Day

We're proud to be part of the broader, global tea production community and believe in the power of tea to create positive change and improve outcomes for people all over the world.

Read more about Internaitonal tea day from the UN

The East Forged Flavours

East Forged black tea

Black Tea & Yuzu

Beautiful Yuzu citrus aroma with the taste of black tea. It has a light body, low acidity and creamy froth mouthfeel. Grown in the rich soil of Far North Queensland, our Australian black tea is carefully cold brewed to perfection without the astringency of lesser brews 🐡

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East Forged green tea

Green Tea & Pitaya

Our organic green tea is sourced from the Shizuoka Prefecture in Japan. Carefully complemented with pitaya, commonly known as dragonfruit, this one’s a fresh and fruity alcohol free brew that is so much more than your average craft non alcoholic drinks 🐷

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East Forged white tea

White Tea & Calamansi

Our organic white tea is grown with minimal intervention from machines or human hands, this delicate white leaf is dried indoors to preserve its natural shape and enhance an elegant flavour that leaves a lingering juiciness in this alcohol free brew 😼

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Benefits of East Forged

young woman biting into a strawberry

Health Benefits

Drinking tea provides a multitude of health benefits including reduction of anxiety & stress, plus you can enjoy a myriad of benefits from the flavours we pair with our tea.

East Forged founders together smiling

Empowering Women

Read the story of our female founders and interviews with women from our blog - Amy Masson, Evelyn Chick, Cheryl Teo, and discover more on our blog.

three friends drinking East Forged tea together

Socialising Sober

Get on board with the socialising sober movement with us and get EF'd up in a healthier and safer way! Here's some of our thoughts about socialising sober.

young woman walking in a garden with East Forged tea


We deeply care about the environment, especially the environments in which our tea is grown and distributed. Read more about our environmental commitment and policies.

East Forged tea being delivered

Give EF as a gift

Share the joy of East Forged with a friend with our Good Excuse Box! Included in the Good Excuse Box: 2 East Forged brews, a postcard from Notsu 🐷 and delivery to your friend's door.

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