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Why does cold brew iced tea taste the best?

Why does cold brew iced tea taste the best?

Did you know? East Forged’s new style of iced tea was developed from one of the simplest brewing processes known to tea: cold brew.

What is cold brew tea?

Tea leaves are fully immersed in filtered room temperature water and placed into the fridge for a long steeping (roughly 6-8 hours or overnight). The leaves are decanted and what remains is a delicious, clean and fresh tasting tea liquor known as cold brew.

This healthy and natural style of iced tea does not resemble most of the products on existing supermarket shelves. The secret is that this is iced tea that tea drinkers make for themselves at home J  

Why cold brew for East Forged iced teas?

Our Co-founders, Tania & Kym, have worked with brewing hot and cold tea for over a decade. After countless cups of teas and cold brew experiments you learn a thing or 2 about how to get the most out of your tea leaves. They have spent a lot of time comparing notes of different brewing techniques and the impact on taste.

And in their opinion cold brew tastes best. This gentle process works in perfect chemistry harmony ensuring the best and most delicious properties are extracted into the tea liquor and the less desirable (e.g., bitterness) are left behind.

Not only better in taste word on the street says that cold brew tea may be one of the better ways to consume to preserve all of tea's goodness. You can read more about it in this article “Slow-Brewed Tea Is The Healthiest Way To Brew Your Bev”.

How to make your own cold brew tea

Here at East Forged HQ we love sharing tips and tricks for getting the most from your tea leaves. Over time our Founders have shared some great step by step instructions and video resources to help you get started so please take a look at the links below.

> For those that like video:

Tania has a secret life as a YouTuber until Kym started taking over her spare time with a little project called East Forged. After hitting her strides as a Tea Mixologist representing Australia at the 2018 World Tea Brewing Championships in Shanghai she made a little video on making cold brew tea. Check it out here.

> For those that like to read blogs (chapter books as some may say!!):

Kym hates to see tea leaves being lost to the recess of tea cupboards and encourages you to use them up, experiment and have a play You can read her ultimate guide to iced tea and cold brew tea here.

Beyond cold brew tea and looking to make more impressive tea-based beverages we have started a collection of recipes and drink inspiration in our East Forged blog. Take a look here for some great ideas to get you started.

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