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East Forged Non-Alcoholic Dinks at a picnic table

Healthy Non-Alcoholic Drinks for Summer

Kicking back with a non-alcoholic drink doesn’t take away the magic of summer! Backyard BBQ’s, outdoor picnics, long days at the beach and get-togethers with loved ones are all hallmarks of a great Aussie Summer.

But we get it. It’s easy to get swept up and overindulge on food and booze during the warmer months - but wasting these precious months being hungover on the couch is no longer an option, and you’re not alone.

Care-Free. Sugar-Free

Whether it’s for a day, a week, a month or longer – choosing to lay off the booze is becoming more common. Globally, alcohol sales are declining and the trend towards mindful drinking for health or weight-loss is gaining momentum.

As a result, Australian’s of all ages are now looking for alcoholic drink alternatives, that aren’t packed full of sugar, preservatives or artificial sweeteners and still provide a good time.

Top 5 alcohol-free beverages for Summer

    1. East Forged  - looks like beer, tastes like tea, the perfect aperitif
    2. Kombucha – fermented tea with living probiotics 
    3. Home-Made Ice-Tea – the OG cold-tea brew 
    4. Ginger Beer – is not beer, at all! 
    5. Alco-free spirits – ‘fake-booze’ or virgin spirits!
1. East Forged  - looks like beer, tastes like tea, the perfect aperitif 

If beer or wine is your usual happy-hour choice, then you’ll love our award-winning Australian-made Nitro tea! With a delicate fruity aroma, crisp tea flavour, lively mouthfeel and frothy beer-like finish, East Forged offers a sensory drinking experience that’s fit for any and all occasions. 

On the other hand, they look so much like a beer, no one will even know you’re sipping tea…

Combining quality loose-leaf tea, exotic fruits (Yuzu, Calamansi and Pitaya) and an injection of Nitrogen bubbles, we’ve created a truly unique, sophisticated and playful beverage range that’s delicious, refreshing and low in sugar.

Best paired with: a gourmet cheese board at a BBQ or picnic, on a sunny afternoon.

2. Kombucha – fermented tea with living probiotics

Made using a SCOBY (Symbiotic Culture of Bacteria and Yeast), Kombucha is believed to provide many health benefits - most notably for gut health. The good bacteria that’s in the Kombucha replaces bad enzymes that can live in your stomach and gut.

Lightly effervescent with an acidic or vinegary flavour, Kombucha has been around for thousands of years, but since gaining widespread popularity, it’s become more available in the last few years.

Many commercial versions have added sweeteners or fruit juice to improve the taste - so check the ingredient list first. Kombucha may also contain a very small amount of alcohol as a by-product of the fermentation process - but definitely not enough to affect you.

Available in a range of tasty flavours and vibrant colours – Kombucha is a great Summer beverage choice!

Best paired with: fresh summer salads, healthy sandwiches or sushi

Kombucha - fermented tea

3. Home-Made Ice-Tea – the OG cold-tea brew

Traditionally, ice tea was made by simply adding sweetener and boiling water over tea leaves and letting it cool down. Today, there’s an abundance of brands that manufacture ice tea. Beware though, most bottled iced teas are packed full of sugar – which was a big contributing factor that led to the creation of East Forged Nitro Tea.

For a healthier option, rather make your own ice tea.

All you need is -

  • Loose leaf green tea or black tea
  • Boiling water
  • Large bottle or jug.
  • Ice

Pour the boiling water over the tea leaves or black tea bags. Leave to steep then strain into your jug or bottle.

Simply garnish with a fresh slice of lemon or orange, and/ or add some berries and chopped fruit (like a Sangria) to dress it up a little.

Best paired with: hearty pastas and meat dishes for dinner or savoury snacks

Homemade Iced Tea

4. Ginger Beer – is not beer, at all!

If you love the zippy flavour of ginger, then this is a great thirst-quenching option on a hot day!

A bit like Kombucha, it’s made using the natural fermentation of the popular Asian cooking spice – ginger; plus yeast and sugar. You’ll find popular Aussie brands in most supermarkets and petrol stations, but there are also a number of independent brands available too.

Modern-day bottled versions use carbonated water, which essentially make it a fizzy soft drink – which may leave you feeling bloated and uncomfortable.

Best paired with: Asian and Indian food, or burgers and pizza on a Friday or Saturday night.

Ginger Beer in a glass with limes

5. Alco-free spirits – ‘fake-booze’ or virgin spirits!

As sober living continues to thrive, popular beer, spirits and wine brands have begun introducing non-alcoholic drinks in recent years – with varying degrees of success.

To make these ‘virgin spirits’, a selection of complimentary herbs, spices, nuts, fruit and peels are distilled – ‘purified’ or ‘filtered’ – and combined (in a similar way to making gin). Designed to look, taste and smell like the real thing, they can be enjoyed on their own, alongside a quality tonic water.

Best paired with: chips, dips, canapes and desserts; as an aperitif or a nightcap

Non-alcoholic cocktails in a glass

Say Cheers to Hangovers

Choosing one  or more these beverage options doesn’t mean you have to give up the giggle juice for good. Sometimes we just need a day or a week off! They’re also great if you’re pregnant or managing another health condition like anxiety or IBS that doesn’t always mix well with booze. 

Also, hangovers…. 

Give them a try and tell us what you think? Which is your favourite and why? Share your alcohol-free drink ideas and tips in the comments below! 

Find your favourite  East Forged Nitro Tea today.

Mia Ferreira Blog ContributorContributing Guest Author:

Mia Ferreira is a Professional Writer, PR and Social Media Consultant and a dedicated Iyengar Yoga teacher based in Melbourne. She is currently enrolled in the prestigious Professional Writing & Editing course at RMIT - with the dream of becoming a published author on day. Mia is also a self-confessed tea addict!

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