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Amy Masson - Dancing

Drink. Dance. Delight. | Amy Masson

In building the East Forged brands, we have made many call-outs for volunteers and are so grateful and fortunate to always receive. 

Last year,we wanted to create some momentum for the launch of our brand and Kickstarter campaign and in doing so, participated in the Tea Festivals Australia events in Melbourne and Sydney.

We called for volunteers to support us on the day and the universe introduced us to this all-round incredible human, Amy Masson or  @amyli888 on Instagram.

Meet Amy

Thanks for being part of our shake, pssssch, POUR movement and community!

EF: We are curious, how did East Forged even come into your Instagram feed in those early days (when we didn’t have a product) and  what compelled you to join our team of volunteers at Sydney Tea Festival (2019)?

AM: To be totally honest I can barely remember!

But I do remember being already so impressed by the graphics and marketing campaign for a tea company that I wanted to follow along to watch the East Forged journey.

Joining you guys at Sydney Tea Festival came at such a cool time for me! – I was spontaneously looking for a volunteering experience that was both accessible/flexible for my schedule, but also that I knew would be heaps of fun! (which it for sure turned out to be).

EF: Living and breathing life in a country outside of the one you call home is a wondrous and independent experience. Please share more about your time in Canada.  If you could choose a highlight that you came away with, what would it be?

AM: I was very blessed with the incredible opportunity to study a semester of university abroad in Canada in late 2018. It was incredibly eye-opening to live in a new society and culture outside of Australia. 

It pushed me out of my comfort zone and encouraged me to learn how to connect with anyone and everyone, both enriching my social connectivity and establishing a new level of confidence within my sense of self. 

I also learnt to never wash my hair and go outside in the icy cold - it’ll make your hair completely frozen and give you a whole new meaning to frosted tips!

Amy in Canada

EF: We admire people that reconnect with passions and hobbies from their past.  We see you recently got back to your love of dance. Tell us more about this?

AM: In such a fast-paced society, I think it’s super important to take time out for yourself and for your mental health. 

Dance was something that I used to engage in growing up, but also something I put on hold for a little while to pursue my current area of study. More recently, I’ve aimed to find times in my super busy schedule to take a dance class, stay active and ignite a sense of nostalgia and passion, that’s beneficial for both my physical and mental health.

Amy drinking Earl Grey Tea


EF: You're invited to a party, you can only take one of the East Forged crew with you (Mico🐵 Stay Wondrous | Notsu🐷 Live Connected | Saka😼 Forge an independent life) with you.  Who would you take and why?

AM: I’d bring Notsu! 

Connecting with other people only makes life richer, and between Notsu and myself I reckon that we’d make a pretty good social butterfly team at a party. (Plus the Green Tea & Pitaya is still such a personal fave!)

EF: How would you describe our East Forged brews, who do you think they would appeal and when would you crack one open?


I get really excited about telling any and all of my friends that give me the time of day to talk about the product! 

I think they’re perfect for cracking open on a sunny day for a little burst of energy and fruity refreshment.

Find your favourite  East Forged Tea and be part of our shake, pssssch, POUR movement and community.

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