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Outdoor Isolation - Jo Rodway

Nov 23, 2021

Outdoor Isolation - Jo Rodway

A while back East Forged was part of subscription box with a difference - Outdoor Isolation, Australia's first adventure subscription box.  After having a chat with the founder, Jo Rodway, we knew we had to have a chat with her and her inspos in life.  Enjoy! 
Finding truth in a sea of misinformation about women's health

Oct 5, 2021

Finding truth in a sea of misinformation about women's health

Recently, at a local Queensland market, Kym had an fun chat with a clinical nutritionist called Meg.  Lucky for us, she is coming on board for a series of blogs about her passion and area of study, women's health.  As a women led business and mothers, we understand the challenges of those first few years of motherhood and well, we think tea is great support during this time.
Kylie Eastley in a large tree

Jul 19, 2021

Mini Goats. Devils. Conservationist. | Interview with Kylie

You absolutely blew us away when you reached out and told us not only that you had supported our Kickstarter campaign but you were coming to The Melbourne Tea Festival (2018) and would drop by to see us! We would love to know how you discovered East Forged and what it was that appealed the most to you?
High Tea. Sweets. Foodie. | Interview with Frankiie

May 17, 2021

High Tea. Sweets. Foodie. | Interview with Frankiie

We spoke to Frankiie Lotho also known as @frankiieshungrytummy who is a keen supporter of East Forged and shares her enthusiasm for food and beverage experiences together with her love for snack exchanges.  
Joanna Williams portrait

Feb 15, 2021

Cool. Calm. Calamansi | Interview with Joanna

For anyone that has heard us talk about our White Tea & Calamansi non-alcoholic drink,  you know that this was not the first flavour combination we had in mind.  We had started using the humble cumquat/kumquat, which turned out to be our first deviation as we couldn’t find commercial quantities.  Luckily, we were introduced to a close family member, calamansi and never looked back.
Amy Masson - Dancing

Jan 14, 2021

Drink. Dance. Delight. | Amy Masson

As a startup tea drinks business, East Forged, we have made many call-outs for volunteers and are so grateful and fortunate to always receive.  Last year,we wanted to create some momentum for the launch of our brand and Kickstarter campaign and in doing so,  participated in the Tea Festivals Australia events in Melbourne and Sydney. We called for volunteers to support us on the day and the universe introduced us to this all-round incredible human, Amy Masson or @amyli888 on Instagram.
Thibaut Chuzeville Tea Sommerlier

Nov 2, 2020

A student of the leaves… 🌱 🍵

We love connecting with tea lovers, who are as passionate about high-grade, quality loose leaf tea as we are!  Thibaut Chuzeville or @forthesakeoftea as he’s known on Instagram, has one of the most coveted jobs in the industry! As a Tea Sommelier, Thibaut’s job is to pair delicious tea and food together, like you would do with wine. He’s also working on exciting new tea project…
Hold the Tipple with van and dog

Oct 7, 2020

A mindful and modern life… 🌊🏄🏼

At East Forged HQ we are drawn to those in our community who acknowledge their connection to Mother Earth. In this month’s blog we chat to Jack Davies or @hold.the.tipple as he’s known on Instagram – an ocean enthusiast, sustainable-living advocate and storyteller, who has added surfing and guitar playing to his list of hobbies in the last few years!
Cheryl Teo of Flag & Spear smiling

Sep 7, 2020

A tea hunter and creator… 🏹 🧝🏽‍♀‍

We love to experiment at East Forged HQ and often collaborate with people on fun tea projects. We joined forces with Cheryl Teo from Flag & Spear to combine Jun Xian (a milk oolong tea from Taiwan) with Starward whisky once… a certified Tea Sommelier, winner of the 2017 Tea Masters Cup (AU & NZ) in Tea Preparation and always on the look-out for new and different tea; we chat with Cheryl in this month’s blog! 
Rad Dad on skateboard son on tricycle

Aug 24, 2020

A Sydney Dad and Skateboarder... 🛹

Connecting with our fans and friends is what gets us out of bed here at East Forged HQ. We feel deeply honoured for all the support we’ve received and love being part of your shake, pssssch, POUR moments! We’ve met so many fascinating, inspiring and interesting people along the way and wanted to share some of their stories with you… This month we meet Jon Bullock or @rad_dad_jon as he’s known on Instagram:

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