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High Tea. Sweets. Foodie. | Interview with Frankiie

High Tea. Sweets. Foodie. | Interview with Frankiie

Some of our favourite people in our East Forged community crossed paths with us whilst attending one of the 2019 Tea Festival events in Sydney or Melbourne.

For anyone that has had the pleasure of attending a Tea Festival you would be familiar with the exuberance and vibrancy tea people possess in this country!   

And both are true for today's blog guest, the fun-loving foodie Frankiie. 


We spoke to Frankiie Lotho also known as @frankiieshungrytummy who is a keen supporter of East Forged and shares her enthusiasm for food and beverage experiences together with her love for snack exchanges. Be sure to also take a peek at her cooking skills here

Thanks for being part of the shake, pssssch, POUR movement and community!

EF: We first met at the Sydney Tea Festival in 2019 and you supported us right from the beginning. Can you recall what it was that drew you towards East Forged?

FL: What first drew me to East Forged was their set up. It was so different from all of the other tea stalls and the fact that it was a nitrogen tea which I had never heard of before made me really curious to try it!

I loved everything from the characters on the backdrop to the drink dispensers looking like beer taps. Imagine a home with a beer tap dispensing nitrogen tea. Now that would be a dream come true.

EF: As someone who has enjoyed so many high tea experiences over the years. Can you share with us the 3 key elements that make for a stand out high tea experience?

FL: A stand out high tea first of all has to have a wide range of tea flavours which are unlimited. Each high tea I go to I try a different flavour (or two) for something new!

Second thing would be the selection of desserts. I love my desserts! It's so nice when a place creates desserts that not only look appealing but taste great as well. Too many times there have been desserts that look amazing but are just flavourless.

Last but not least is the effort put into the experience. Traditional high teas are served on tiered stands so if a high tea comes out on a bunch of separate plates it kind of takes away from the whole traditional experience. Some places go above and beyond from how they decorate the room you're in to the look of the pieces served to fit in with the theme and it just adds to the whole ambience.

EF: We have noticed that you do have a soft spot for candy. I read that you are known to seek out international candy stores. Please tell us more!

FL: I have a massive sweet tooth so I'm always up for trying new sweets - searching for international candy stores is something I'm big on. I follow and constantly Google new international food trends to see what's new on the market. If I can't get my hands on something I usually try friends I have who live overseas or take to Reddit snack exchanges which is even better. Sometimes it can be hit or miss with Reddit but most of the time the people I've exchanged with have been super generous with what they send me. There's something about snacks that definitely brings people together - even strangers from across the globe! I have to say that Americans do get the best stuff!!!

EF: You're invited to a party, you can only take one of the East Forged crew with you (Mico🐵 Stay Wondrous | Notsu🐷 Live Connected | Saka😼Forge an independent life) with you. Who would you take and why?

FL: I would choose Mico because he is mischievous and free spirited, which is how I'd describe myself. He would be the most fun and I also think he'd be the one to keep conversations flowing and make people laugh.

East Forged cams on the ground with ice

EF: How would you describe our East Forged brews? Who do you think they would appeal and when would you crack one open? 

FL: I would describe your brews as the future of iced teas. I don't think a lot of people know about East Forged, which is why it would be good to get the word out as much as we all can as I really think it would be a favourite for all, no matter what age.

It would definitely appeal to a broad range of people - a lot of people are being more conscious about what they eat and drink so I think this would definitely be the healthier alternative to a normal iced tea which contains a whole lot of sugar and is just that little bit more exciting than your regular cup of tea.

I would crack one open at all times of the day! I especially love them on a hot summer's day when you're hanging out with friends just reminiscing the good old times.

Order your East Forged Nitro Tea here!


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