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Ryuko, a refreshing Mojito style drink

Ryuko, a refreshing Mojito style drink

Alcohol free summer drink

EF is clearly a winner in the creamy silky foam and winning silver medals in the 2020 UK Drinks Business Low/No awards was no mean feat for EF's green tea & pitaya.  However, if you are looking to add that little extra sweetness and bite in your drinks for a backyard barbeque or a welcome drink for guests then we have a brilliant Mojito style drink.  Below is the recipe and inspo by Ramon Kok @koktailmeister

3 oz @eastforged pitaya nitro green tea (gifted)
¾ oz dragonfruit simple syrup
1 oz lime juice
6-8 mint leaves
Tonic water

Gently muddle mint leaves 🍃 in the glass with the dragonfruit syrup and lime juice, add nitro tea and fill with crushed ice. 🧊 Top with tonic water and add more ice.

Ryuko, or dragon child 🐉👶 in Japanese, was born out a desire to create a refreshing Mojito style drink, without the alcohol but with a little more depth than just mint, sugar and lime.

Enter @eastforged nitro tea. 🍵 Tea is a great way to add complexity to a non-alcoholic cocktail, and this pitaya (dragon fruit) and green tea expression is a perfect fit. I don’t love green tea on its own, but here it provides a lovely base for the mint, and lime to do their thing, while the tonic water instead of soda adds another baby dragon bite. Yum.

You can watch Kym in action here

pink tea drink with mint leaves inspired by mojito style

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