East Forged is an innovative alcohol free beverage company for a new generation, from two of Australia's most successful and award-winning tea specialist Tania Stacey, Cuppa Cha (Vic) and Kym Cooper, The Steepery Tea Co (Qld). In 2017, unhappy with the current modern cold brew tea offerings, East Forged was established to re-imagine a tea brew that is part of the non alcoholic drinks space in the modern fast pace world.  Give it a face lift, promote the vast arrange of flavours of the tea leaf and the skills of the tea farmer in a package that can be adventurous and appreciated by the flavour explorers in all of us.  Two years of experimenting and trialling, East Forged alcohol free nitro tea has become a reality for Tania and Kym.    

Responding to increasing demands for adult tasting beverage options that are non-alcoholic, healthy, energising and fun, East Forged has succeeded to craft a range of nitro tea beverages, produced in a similar way that popular small batch, craft beers are made.

Tapping into the skills, knowledge and techniques of how to make tea and beer, three original flavours have been developed.  The tea leaf is the hero with the many layers of flavours created by the skilled tea farmers with which Tania and Kym have developed relationships over many years.  Juices with unique flavour characteristics are added to highlight, define and compliment the cold brew tea liquor.  Craft beer brewing knowledge created the smooth and silky mouthfeel with nitrogen and lasting bubbles with light effervescence.  Packaged in a sustainable recycle can, a good shake prior to pouring to help the two gases make their final merger and create the East Forged experience.

More than just a drinks company, East Forged pulls from the history of tea and storytelling to create three tea pet characters, - Notsu (Pig), Saka (Cat), and Mico (Monkey) that represent the qualities we want our customers to enjoy in this modern world.

Stay Wondrous, Live Connected and Forge an Independent Life.

East Forged Founders


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