East Forged is an innovative and original beverage company for a new generation, from two of Australia's most successful and award-winning tea specialist Cuppa Cha (Vic) and The Steepery Tea Co (Qld). Established in 2017, East Forged brings together a community of like-minded fans who aspire to the same lens in life.

Stay Wondrous, Live Connected and Forge an Independent Life.

Responding to increasing demands for tasty beverage options that are non-alcoholic, energising and fun, East Forged set out to craft a range of nitro infused tea beverages, produced in a similar way that popular small batch, craft beers are made. More than just a drinks company, East Forged uses storytelling, animation, and three lovable tea pet characters, - Notsu (Pig), Saka (Cat), and Mico (Monkey), to explore the captivating East Forged world of beverages. Followers are invited to share in their adventures and learn more about the history, traditions, and benefits of the beverages they uncover.

East Forged Co-Founders - Tania & Kym


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