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    Two competing tea specialists meet by chance at Melbourne's International Coffee Expo. An unlikely alliance develops over a shared passion to create a modern tea beverage.

    The journey of East Forged begins. Tania Stacey in Melbourne and Kym Cooper in Brisbane challenging the old ideas of cold tea drinks.

    Conversations over the phone. Packages posted up and down the East Coast of Australia. They draw from their tea knowledge and decide the drink flavour profiles. Locking in quality tea leaves from their favourite suppliers. Could they take home kitchen experiments and create a product that people will love as much as them? Could they find someone to help them bring their innovative drink to life? Or are they brilliant in their own minds?

    18 months later and after knock-backs from bottling companies. Unanswered calls from breweries. They found an independent craft brewer that was keen. Beer making processes added to create an innovative mouthfeel and finish.

    The challenge to disrupt cold tea beverages had gone beyond the original ideas.  The final beverage is a crafted non-alcoholic brew to suit adult-tastes. Tea is the hero ingredient. No added sugar, artificial flavours or colours. Low in calories. A brew that sits alongside alcoholic brews in social occasions.

    The tea pets, Mico, Saka and Notsu, are a nod to the quirky nature of the tea industry.  In the Chinese horoscope, Kym is a Monkey (Mico). Both Kym and Tania have Pig children. Kym's first teapet Mr Meowgi is a ceramic cat.

    Both Kym and Tania agree it is a journey they would only have reach so far with each other and remind themselves.....

     Stay Wondrous, Live Connected and Forge an Independent Life.

    East Forged Founders - Tania Stacey and Kym Cooper