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East Forged Containers being held in a bucket

Turning East Forged containers into cash 💰️ 🐷

How to turn you East Forged containers into cash?

To celebrate National Recycling Week and this years theme "Recovery - A future beyond the bin" we thought in this blog we would share and encourage you to turn your East Forged containers into cash! Currently the Container Deposit Scheme is accessible to all Territories and most States with Tasmania and Victoria committed to implementation by 2023. 

Our friend Notsu 🐷 , currently the face of our Green Tea & Pitaya brews, loves being connected to community. Taking her lead we at East Forged HQ also take our environmental responsibilities seriously. You might be interested to learn that we intentionally chose aluminium cans for our drinks because we believe they are the right choice for the environment. According to Planet Ark "Recycling aluminium saves 95% of the energy used to make new metal from raw materials". 

As a small start-up we have proudly met our reporting and financial obligations under the Container Deposit Scheme with the Northern Territory, South Australia, New South Wales, Australian Capital Territory & Queensland since launching East Forged this year. We have just submitted our first returns to the Western Australian container deposit scheme that launched in October 2020. Without going into the inner workings of the schemes just imagine reporting to 6 different administrators each month all with their own qwirks and nuances 😆 !! But Tania and I wouldn't have it any other way. Read more about how East Forged participates in the container deposit schemes here

We would love to think that our East Forged community can benefit from our participation in these schemes by actively cashing in your East Forged cans for 10c. We have compiled a list of links so that once you have enjoyed your shake, pssssch and POUR experience you can turn those East Forged cans into cash...

NSW return and earn container depot

Each State and Territory operates a little differently but in principle one East Forged can equates to 10c in your pocket. It is amazing when you start to look at different containers that there are many others that you can also cash in so have a look as you might be surprised.  

Northern Territory Container Deposit Scheme

South Australia Container Deposit Scheme

New South Wales Return and Earn

Australian Capital Territory Container Deposit Scheme

Queensland Containers for Change

Western Australia Containers for Change

We also hear that reusing East Forged cans to make little robots can also bring great delight to your days, demonstrated perfectly by Tania's grandchildren!!

East Forged cans being made into little robots

For more information and other ways to participate in National Recycling week please visit Recycling Near You.  



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